why hello there, lovely. this blog is dedicated to the beauty of books! Enjoy! xxxxxxxxxx

If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch is officially the best book I have ever read.

I can’t get over how good it is, I smiled and, good lord, I cried and it will forever have a special place in my heart!

Pls try to find your copy at your local library or get it on amazon/ bookdepository or heck, message me and I’ll try to help you out because trust me, you need to read this book! xxxxx

Anonymous asked:
Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put this into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate :)

aw honeybunch, you’re the beautiful one :) xxx


masterpost of helpful links for writers! 

personality quizzes and tests:
MBTI personality test  MBTI personality descriptions
16 personality types test   r-drive short personality test
r-drive advanced personality test   cerebral personality test
indie personality test   eysenc personality test  
big 5 personality test   DISC personality test
psych personality test   keirsey temperment sorter
ipersonic personality test   morality alignment test (2) (3)

character development tips:
picking characters names   on making realistic characters 
creating believable characters   writing poc characters 
story guide worksheet   how to create great characters 
character arc 101   "hero" is a four letter word 
character questionnaire (2) (3) (4) (5)   character justification 
conflict can limit your characters   creating characters from plot 
character bio   guide to writing a villain 
how to fix unlikable characters   7 offensive mistakes writers often make (2)
character sheet   creating compelling characters 
consistency is key   desires and conflict 
mary sue test   cliche villain test 
writing lycanthropy   body language (2) (3)
describing a person  flaws and weaknesses generator 
profile sheet for characters   character flaw masterlist

the writing process:
the guide to the writing process  common english mistakes
end a novel with a punch   guide to grammar and writing 

novel synopsis   motivation: finding the time to write
writing tips from fiction authors   writing activities for beginners 
using an outline for a first draft  make simple writing more vivid 
improve your vocabulary   perfect your writing 
how to write a scene  50 ways to escape artists block 
starting a roleplay   writing things you haven’t experienced 
staying focused

character conversations   how to write dialogue (2) (3) (4
speaking of dialogue   ten tips 
character dialogue   believable dialogue 
25 things to know about dialogue   writing witty dialogue 

point of view:
types of pov   3rd person multiple pov
fist person vs third  third person omniscient vs third person limited
using third person omniscient   writing exposition in first person 

writing in first person   first person pov (2)
first person or third?  how to write winning first person stories 

writing detective stories  crime fiction sub genres
crime novels and thrillers  adding sexual tension 

literary terms  genre fiction
horror fiction  laws of science fiction
science fiction and fantasy 

1920’s reference post   history of childbirth 
1920’s slang   medieval scotland 
all about scotland   myths creatures and folklore 
medieval reference post  knighthood and chivalry

editing checklist   freelance editors 
tighten up your manuscript   editing questions
how to rewrite   revising a novel 

editing tips   self editing 
how to edit a novel 

writing software: 
tip of my tongue   liquid story binder 
Q10   25 softwares  jarte   abiword 
calligra   open office  atlantis nova 
litlift  ywriter5 

inspiration finder  writing prompts generator 
timeline generator  writing prompts (2)
plinky  random plots (2)
prompt generator  prompts 

names with specific meanings  meaning of any name 
popular baby names  upper class names  
common surnames  name generator 
fantasy name generator  20000 names